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Geekyrobot.com offers online sales in accordance with the conditions described in this section. By placing an order through the Geekyrobot website you are accepting the relevant terms and conditions as described below.

Geekyrobot.com reserves the right to modify at anytime and without notification its website and its sales policies. If you decide that you are not in agreement with one or any of Geekyrobot.com's policies please refrain from using this website and do not place any orders via the Geekyrobot online store.

All information, images and descriptions listed on this website are purely for informational/instructional value and are not guaranteed to accurately reflect precisely the products shown throughout the Geekyrobot shop.

Geekyrobot.com has to it's knowledge taken all the steps it can to provide accurate and up to date site wide information, however Geekyrobot.com cannot guarantee that the information provided across this web site is precise and assumes no responsibility for any omission or error for products within its catalogue.

Additionally Geekyrobot.com assumes nil responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of any material found within this website. This includes any copyrighted material and or intellectual property rights from third parties which relate to any such material used within the Geekyrobot.com website.

One hundred percent of products listed within the Geekyrobot catalogue are of good quality and are fit and proper for use. Please note that if any of the products sold throughout the Geekyrobot website are used for their intended purpose or for purposes other than that which they were solely designed and manufactured for that Geekyrobot.com accepts no responsibility for product error, harm or even death of a human being or animal.

The main responsibility for the operation of any of the products sold within the Geekyrobot shop falls to the person using the product. The purchaser/user of any product purchased from the Geekyrobot shop must act knowledgeably, prudently and sensibly.

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